St. Patrick's Church, Ballymoney Finvoy Church St. Andrew's Church, Rasharkin


The United Parish of Ballymoney, Finvoy and Rasharkin is situated within the Diocese of Connor.

Some years ago two neighbouring churches came under our stewardship, Finvoy Parish Church and St Andrew’s Parish Church, Rasharkin. At the beginning of this amalgamation all three churches were run separately with individual vestry meetings, separate accounts and the two smaller churches paying a yearly assessment to St. Patrick’s.

It was only at the beginning of 2006 that the three churches became the United Parish of Ballymoney, Finvoy and Rasharkin and each of the latter churches having representation on the one united Select Vestry with one set of accounts for the United Parish.

We are extremely fortunate that since we became a United Parish in 2006 the parishioners of all three churches have bonded well and we today have a strong and growing Parish. It is interesting to note that we are one of a small band of churches in the Diocese of Connor who have increased in numbers over the last two years.