Launching the new CAP Centre in St Patrick’s Parish Centre, Ballymoney Rev. Brian Howe, Mr Ian Stevenson, Rev. Andrew Sweeney and Mrs Beth Thompson Christians Against Poverty is a charity determined to reduce hardship in the UK, with the help of local churches. It does this through 239 debt counselling centres; a money education programme The CAP Money Course and CAP Job Clubs for unemployed people. All our services are given freely for everyone regardless of age, gender, faith or background. CAP's service is completely free and available to all, regardless of faith, age, gender, race disability or sexual orientation. We work alongside different community agencies to help those that need it most, and seek to work in partnership with other free debt advice organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, housing associations, local councils, social services and other community groups. CAP is available to anyone who lives in the catchment area of one of our local CAP Debt Centres


How CAP can help - the steps to freedom

  Home Visit

To make an appointment phone the Client Enquires Team FREE on 08003280006 or you can contact Beth Thompson, the Debt Centre Manager for the Ballymoney area directly on 07879332449 she works Tuesdays and Wednesdays or call the National PR Manager Marianne Clough on 01274 761924. After you call CAP, a Debt Coach and befriender from the local CAP Debt Centre will visit you in your own home.


  An Effective Budget

Our trained debt counsellors will work out a realistic budget that prioritises your essential bills. Your local Debt Coach will then visit you again to explain the budget, any options or choices you may have to work your way out of debt, and what payments you will need to make. CAP will then negotiate affordable payments with each creditor and stop unfair interest and charges where possible.


  Paying Your Debts

To help you stick to your budget and repay your debts we will set up a debt management plan for you. You will need to make one weekly, biweekly or monthly payment into your plan to cover your debt repayments. CAP will then distribute this to your creditors on your behalf. You can also save using your plan.


  Severe Debt

If you are in severe debt, then we can walk you through insolvency options, such as petitioning for bankruptcy. We can help you to fill out the forms and even attend court with you.


  Debt Free

You will use your debt management plan to pay your bills and debt repayments and you will be supported by CAP until you are debt free.


  News From CAP Ballymoney

Dear friends,



Christians Against Poverty (CAP) is an award winning charity that is dedicated to lifting people out of debt and poverty.

We have been helping thousands of people out of difficult financial circumstances since 1996. Each year we are helping over 20,000 people journey towards complete freedom from debt.

In October 2013 Saint Patricks Church of Ireland Ballymoney was delighted to partner with Christians Against Poverty and open our debt centre here in Ballymoney.

Our Centre offers free, professional and award winning debt advice to anyone in our community regardless of age, gender, race, disability,  sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

Locally we have helped over 100 families since opening and visited a steady number of local people who have made the call to our Freephone number 08003280006 for help.  The debt management plan is tailored to each individual or family circumstance, prioritising the essentials such as fuel and food for the family.

At the start of 2018 we are working with 28 families on a debt management plan. They have been relieved of the pressure of dealing with numerous creditors and are using the CAP service to manage everything in one simple process.

We understand that debt is a disabling and complex issue and can have a devastating effect on individuals and families, often impacting physical and mental health, as well as contributing to relationship breakdown and isolation.  That is why we provide face to face support for our clients in the privacy of their own home. Our debt help is both professional and personal, because we believe that no one needs to live with debt, no one needs to do it alone and every debt problem can have an individual solution.

We consider it a privilege to be able to provide practical support to others in our local area and have been amazed at how many have made the call for help and been able to turn their situation around. No amount of debt is too large or too small to process.

We have also marvelled at our volunteers who are making such a positive difference in the lives of our clients. Unity in love for others across our community is abundantly clear and we are now supported by three other churches who wish to reach others with a demonstration of God’s love at a time when it is desperately needed.

Ballymoney Methodist Church, First Ballymoney Presbyterian Church and Connect Christian Centre have joined with us at St Patricks Parish to support CAP prayerfully, financially and with volunteers. Collectively we have formed Ballymoney Community CAP and are “building bridges and bringing hope” to our community.

We are not only committed to seeing individuals released from debt and have expanded our services to tackle the causes of debt and poverty.

Our CAP Money Course teaches money management and budgeting skills. The CAP Life Skills course has been running very successfully in The Old Schoolhouse in Ballymoney since 2015 and equips people to live well on a low income, teaching practical money saving techniques, such as cooking on a budget, living healthily on less, and making your money go further.

Our vision for 2018

We are excited that in February of 2018 Ballymoney will have its own CAP Job Club hosted at First Ballymoney Presbyterian Church.  The CAP Job Club will provide a base for people seeking employment, helping to identify and build on their skills, focusing on building CV’s, interview techniques and job searching in a friendly environment.

We are in contact with local secondary schools to arrange delivery of the CAP Money Course to their school leavers to help them learn financial budgeting skills as they set out on the next stage of their education and working lives.

Our local Foodbank has agreed that we can have a presence there during opening hours so that they can seamlessly direct their clients to us for a confidential and informal chat about their situation. We can hopefully identify and assist them through our various programmes.

Fresh Start is a programme designed to assist those with addictions, whatever they may be. Addiction weighs heavily on our hearts as we see the destruction it causes in relationships, broken homes, debt and ill health and we strongly believe God is leading us to set up this programme as he brings people into our lives that seem to be a perfect fit for running it.

Central to all these CAP services is prayer.

We have witnessed God’s hand in the lives of so many of the homes we have visited and in the difficult situations our clients have found themselves in.

God has shown us he is a compassionate and loving father in our lives and to all those who have asked for his help.

Debt Centre    Tel: 07879332449              Beth Thompson

Life Skills        Tel: 07753602957              Susan Attenborough

Job Club         Tel: 07849792719              Lisa Harrison