Back in 1963 as the result of a Christian Renewal Campaign a need for a Men’s Group was identified, a meeting of interested men of the Parish was held and on 24th September of that year, a group was formed out of which a Short Mat Bowling Club was formed and a discussion group, later to become the Church of Ireland Men’s Society was also formed, in later years to join with the Ballyrashane and Dunluce Branches and became known as the Dalriada Church of Ireland Men’s Society. The Bowling Club Members met on Monday and Tuesday evenings and later a Ladies Club was formed and met on Tuesday afternoon, nowadays our Club is mixed and we all met on Monday and Tuesday evenings.


Down through the years all our members have enjoyed the friendliness and competition of the local short mat scene. In those early days all the club’s play was done in the Old Church Hall but in 1966 a new parish hall committee was formed with a view to building a new parish centre, the bowling club members, as part of fund raising, ran Bowling Tournaments in the Intermediate School to help raise funds to build our present Parish Centre which we use today.

Sadly because of falling numbers our A team resigned from the North West League but a team played on in the Ballymoney League until it ceased membership in 2008, joining the Friendly Charity League in which we still play and still enjoy the friendliness of the game of short mat bowls.



Office Bearers

Office Held By
President Andrew Sweeney
Secretary Denis Connelly
Treasurer Anne Heron
Captain Desi McKay
Vice-Captains Tony Henry and Gilbert Craig